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01-26-2013, 11:53 AM
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Man that's a nice resume. If he only played like he used to then I wouldn't mind keeping him. His time as a king has been below what his accolades show. He did great in the playoffs but dropped off during it. Once again, nice Accolades but I want him to play like he did when he was a flyer but he certainly hasn't .
He hasn't been 100% most of his time as a King. Oct thru end of Nov 2011, 11 G , 20 points in 24 games was his best start as a pro. NHL stats had in top 5 in the league for forwards defensvily at the quarter mark end of nov. His reg. season ended Dec 1 with a head injury and he wasn't fully recovered from it during the playoffs and got hurt during the playoffs.

He is off to a slow start, like some of his teammates and other top liners (see NY Rangers, Flyers, etc.) but that will change.

I've seen every game he's played since his days in the AHL and he gave tje Kings exactly what his acccolades show, a Stanely cup. Something that the Flyers dont' and won't have for years, Ed Snider loves to butcher his teams each year sacrificing youth for a 'quick fix'. Bob McKenzie (June 2012 draft) when asked he'd have traded Richards. "For who? He's a proven winner and pure champion'

I know you're frustrated, and I understand that, I suffered thru that long winter last year too, but nobody can predict an injury. And this season will not be won or lost in the first week.

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