Thread: Pre-Game Talk: GAME #5 - Canucks @ Sharks - "BARF!"
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01-26-2013, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
I'm going to keep the expectations lower and just hope for another solid defensive (and face-off) game from JS. Took Hodgson 10 games to get 3 points last season and I'm not going to expect any more than that from Schroeder.

Same goes for Kassian, these 3 goals are nice but I'm going to keep my expectations grounded. He will go through spells of inconsistency.

This will be a tough game. Sharks are really off to a good start and their stars are having a bit of a comeback season after the last two years (Thornton, Marleau).
Exactly people need to keep their expectations realistic or they'll end up severely disappointed or upset.

Vancouver fans turn so fast on their players with some pretty unrealistic expectations

Just want another sound defensive game from Schroeder and ill be happy. I don't think his first 2 games could have been any better IMO. I thinks he's done many things AV likes in a player so he just needs to keep that up. I already feel like he's got more trust in Schroeder defensively than he's ever given hodgson.

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