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01-26-2013, 12:15 PM
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we started to see some flow midway through the EDM game. they started getting some cycling and transition the last half of the game. the larger issue was then running out of gas to keep it going.

the guys that played in the ahl, echl, euro and khl in most cases are ahead of the curve. they have their lungs and their legs. there is NO substitute for actual game time, not even practice. you can workout, jog, ride bikes all you want to work on conditioning. none of them can replicate on ice time. for all the off ice work i did, i still puked a few times in the trash can once getting back on the ice.

i think one reason that someone like Clifford is being so dominant right now is because he is in 'game shape'. many of the guys he's up against arent, so he is able to outwork them. they don't have the strength or cardio to keep up with him. it could also be that maybe Big Red has taken a step upwards in his progression. no one knows and only time will tell.

its the PP that is the most concerning at this point. yes i know there is timing that only comes from time on ice. my concern is the continuing inability to finish, the same as last year. to much talent out there to continue being this ineffective.

special teams right now are more important than ever as teams work themselves into shape. they could have buried EDM the other night with the PP. knowing they would run out gas late in the game, they could have protected a lead and conserved energy.

what i do to address and fix the PP:
*too many chiefs out there and we don't need an all star unit on the ice together on the #1 units.

*Kopi and Richards out there together on the same side hasn't worked since last season, so stop it. drop Richards to the #2 to QB the low half board.

*the #1 especially needs to get some big body(s) in front of the net. i want Clifford, Nolan or King out there. they will park their ass in front, take the punishment and clean the trash up. i don't need highlight reel goals. i want goals.

*the other night i noticed that both Carter and DB are playing the posts for tips. again no one is parking their ass and causing screens and havoc for the keeper or the D.

*DD especially needs to a) move the puck faster and b) stop taking damn slap shots. he's slowing the pp movement with what he's doing and his weak slap shots are taking to much time to get to the net, which are usually blocked or saved. quick wristers and snappers Drew. just get the puck down low, stop trying to shoot it through the goalie's chest.

*Kopi on the half board hasn't worked for how many years now? why keep going back to this? get the guy of the wall and working the weakside on his offhand, so he can shoot. which ironically is where he sets up now.

*the PP seems to run most often from the right point, which is where Drew sets up. slide DD over to the left point on his offhand and run it from this side. this will put Drew, Kopi and Carter on their offhands. LA is way to focused on guys playing to their stickside to the point i think its a detriment.

in fact both units run the same approach, so look to rotate this to confuse the opposing PK unit. this will cause a cluster**** for them, because the point of attack will change on line changes.

* #1 PP line and position
Carter (left post - corner), Clifford/Nolan/King (screen, trash position), Kopi (weakside, half board), DD (left point), Williams (right pt), Voynov (right pt).

Williams? yep i would like to see them try this. he is one of the only guys that can stick handle and make room on this squad. i'm not looking for him for a heavy pt shot. what im looking for is someone that can make space, control the puck, pull PK coverage out and feed Kopitar. if this doesn't work, then back to a traditional 3F/2D configuration.

the setup is based on most guys playing on their offhand so they get opportunities free lanes to shoot and mismatched. the exception to this the low post F in the trash zone and the right point, especially the right point. this spot has to play to his stick side so they can better work the puck between DD and Kopi.

i think with this type of design and config it moves the point of attack from two different sides and angles, all the while you've got a big body in front and then Carter sitting on a post for clean up.

* #2 PP - take the same philosophy, but then rotate it the other way. it's a bit different since Richards would also be setup the same as Kopi on the #1, but the primary feed is from the right pt.
Brown (low left post), Clifford/Nolan/King (screen, trash), Richards (strong side, half board), Willie (left pt), AMart (right pt) - Muzzin (left pt, until 33 returns).

i thought willie did a very good job on the PP last season when he was out there, so why not keep putting one of the most stable and effective guys on the PP?

*the big mix up - swap Carter with Richards. why? Richie likes playing the low post and making the stuff play. so put him on the backside of the #1 for stuff plays across the ice from Kopi. plus he is there for tip shots from DD.

this also moves Carter on to the #2 unit with a right hand shot, so they can go with a same offhand system as my original #1 config.

dude your off your rocker!!! maybe. they need to try something though they haven't been doing. how long will they keep working the same PP that does NOTHING? they have the talent, they just need to use it differently so teams stop playing them the same. effective PP units must be able to confuse and stretch a PK and LA's does not do this. putting on a passing clinic, with the occasional shot from the point or stuff shot just doesn't do it

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