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01-26-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by jrk View Post
In my opinion Marc Bergevin is doing the right thing. By keeping the same offer, PK is left with 2 choices: signing or not playing this year.

By saying no PK will not be able to play at all this year and that will lower his value. Next year when he will be elligable for arbitration, he will have to accept a contract that is lower then his real value. PK has alot to loose in my opinion if he does not want to go through a transition contract. Of course PK assumed that the habs would not be able to win without him, giving him the best argument to let him play this year. If he says no, injuries and an loosing strike before the trade deadline could help him get the contract he wants.

By saying yes Pk will have a great chance to prove he is worth 6 to 7 millions a year for 6 to 7 years. He will get back what he was supposed to receive for the next year and a half he has been offered. Michel Therrien won't have to use him in a way that could hurt him and he is great with youngster. The only thing that could go against him is the league income that will set the cap in 2 years from now. If PK believes in himself, he should be accepting the contract and prove his worth in a winning environment.
Theat's fine except that those aren't his only two options. He can demand a trade.

We can try to make him sit and I guess we could force him to sit but that's an ugly situation. I could understand this tactic if we were offering something reasonable but not if it's what we're hearing the offers are for.

One tactic we might want to think about (if we haven't already done so) is making a fair offer. He just might accept it.

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