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01-26-2013, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyerX View Post
Firstly, the name of the game is hockey, not skills competition. Did you watch the Kings run at all? They're a big team and they hit every chance they got. They fought some, even Kopitar. The Flyers' first three lines aren't that big or tough. Simmonds has some edge and so does Hartnell . . . . but Hartnell's hurt now. To balance that out, I don't see anything wrong with dressing a Sestito or Shelley over some 170 lb waterbug because he's fast. We've already got forwards who bring that. To say Sestito and Shelley just can't play is to say you weren't watching Thursday night's game. Teams win hockey games, not individual skills or motivational speeches from Lavy. The proof was on the ice against the Rags.
Lets not pretend that dressing Shelley and Sestito was the reason they won. Factors like the second and third lines actually generated offence, Bryz was fantastic and the Rangers having played the night before played much more significant roles than Sestito and Shelley did.

I certainly dont see Wellwood as a "waterbug" so we clearly wont agree on his value to the team. What I hope we can agree on is that he doesn't have a giant target on his back like Sestito does. Case in point, the interference call on Sestito against the Rangers.

Dont get me wrong, I love the physical side of hockey, Im not a promoter of "icecapades" as you put earlier, but there is a difference between the players the Kings dressed (since you love comparing to them) and dressing players whose sole purpose is physicality/fighting/etc. The Kings physical players actually play a significant role on their team. Richards, Brown, Stoll, Greene, etc all bring MUCH more to the table than physicality. Did Westgarth dress any games in the playoffs? No.

I'll admit that losing Hartnell certainly decreased the "edge" this team has, but I am perfectly content with guys like Simmonds, Schenn (x2), Giroux and Grossmann filling the void with Hartnell out.

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