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01-26-2013, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by letowskie View Post
Dude, supposedly "comparable" players to EJ (according to Avs fans, not me), like Pronger or Chara, are already Norris candidates at this stage of their career (mid 20s). Pronger would have won the MVP the next season, you think EJ is going to be in sniffing distance of the Hart next year, are some avs fans really that delusional???
Stopped there. Who is comparing him to a 6'8 freak of nature or one of the better defensemen of all time? Think you are confusing draft day flash words from Pierre with actual analysis. And Chara wasn't a norris candidate back then, stop the BS. He wasn't even an all star till the Bruins. :roll: Defensemen bloom late often times and EJ missed a season. Let me guess, bogosian is gutter trash that will be nothing more then depth his whole career?? What about Myers? Stat sheets say so, must be true.

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