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01-26-2013, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Its tough not to focus on OV as our best player, our C, the face of our franchise, biggest cap hit etc.

The list of wild conspiracy theories of the possible things that happened to his game is a rather impressive list. Olympic peak, bored, injured wrist, pressure to be a captain, solved by the league, out of shape, Cherry's comments about his celebrations, BB asking him to tone it down after Malkin, the league crack down on him suspending him more than others, Gillette, changing sticks or skates, waiting for the playoffs, Nagel, thinks he may be better at a different position, non incentive based lifer contract already signed, the nuNHLite does not suit his bullish game... i am sure I am missing quite a few.

We may tend to focus on Ovi too much, but like Halpy said, "we" wanted lightning rod Semin gone, so things are going to be put on his back more than ever. Be careful what you wish for.

That said, he can still play hockey. He gets very little support. For all their greatness and chemistry, I sure don't see many ES plays between LW Ovi and Nick. May was right, a line needs to be formed and they need to learn to attack as one. Can Ovi wait, or can others keep up?

I found Oates's line generator by the way.

We have no coordinated attack, no set plays from our top line and have not for some time. It needs to be resolved.
Thats a good list of reasons hah nice

He need to go back and watch ol tape of what worked..and find that energy.

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