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Originally Posted by Stonewall View Post
The best thing of all would have been if the Nords never moved and won the Stanley Cup in Québec... (forget about the whole Patrick Roy thing )

Having a current NHL team that you can root for is the best thing of all; it's a worthless cause to complain that you got an expansion team rather than a relocated team.
We'll never know if the Nordiques would have won had they stayed in QC. We can discuss all night long it won't change that fact. What we do know, is that this team moved and won.

Now, if the NHL relocates a team to Seatle and give an expansion to Quebec city, which the point I've been trying to make for a while now, it will be one last jab from Bettman to QC. Like saying, ok you get a team, but it'll suck.

The mood I'm feeling from QC fans is no matter what as long as we have a team. In my mind, if the NHL would relocate a team anywhere but QC first and then offers an expansion team to QC, its just Bettman's way to say fu QC.

Again, you may disagree. It's just how I view it. Just under a week before we know if the Coyotes are saved. Then we'll know where the NHL stands vs QC.

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