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01-26-2013, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by jrk View Post
It is a bad situation to sign him and see him underperform.
That could be the case with any player. What makes you think he'd underperform? He's proven himself to be a 5 million dollar player and he should be paid in that ballpark. There's an element of risk in any contract. That's why you look at what a players worth is and offer accordingly. 4.5-5 is fair. 2-3 isn't.

And don't you think it's a bad situation if he signs a cheap contract, plays great and doesn't get rewarded for it? Is that fair? For Pete's sake the guy made 800k last year.
Originally Posted by jrk View Post
The team is not missing hum at the moment and he is not showing any interest in the team. All he wants is big contract. I don't like players that are only interest in money.
How do you know this? If he's being lowballed that's not his fault. And it's silly to say that all he wants is money when you don't know what he's being offered.
Originally Posted by jrk View Post
Yes he did well at the end of last year, but that is not nearly enough to give him a ufa like contract. Forcing him is a bad situation, but the guy can choose to loose 5 to 10 millions by choosing this way. I would not want to loose that much because I believe the team I playing with sucks and definately need me to be competitive.
He's a 5 million dollar player man. 25 other blueliners make this much money and he's certainly worth it. That is not UFA money, if he was a UFA he'd get a hell of a lot more than he's actually worth. The reason for this is because the team that he'd be going to would be paying for potential and not giving up any assets other than cap space.
Originally Posted by jrk View Post
In PK's mind right now, his team sucks and he believes Marc Bergevin has no other choice but to sign him to keep his job. That is a big mistake unless injuries and a loosing strike happen.
How do you know what's in his mind? You're making all kinds of presumptions here and the news keeps reporting that we're lowballing him.


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