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01-26-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ProPAIN View Post
Of course, but there is no reason he'll give Holland a fair shot at re-signing him instead of going out to other teams and seeing what he can get. The Wings gave him a shot at the NHL and he has a very good understanding with Z. He may even take the hometown discount

If other teams want to overpay for him, they can go ahead, he isn't an elite winger.
My problem is that I'm not sure what would qualify as overpaying him with this short season. If he goes out and puts up a stat line similar to what D2Z suggests below, that extrapolates out to a pretty decent 82 game season - one strikingly similar to what Hudler just put up but as a rookie. At the same time, it's a 48 game season and there's no telling how Brunner will react when we hit game 55 or 60 + the grind of the playoffs.

Which might work in our favor. Whatever questions we have, I have to think other teams would, too. And, as you said, he might favor us a bit because he's comfortable. Outside of something a bit nuts ($4-5m per), I'm not sure where you draw the line on overpaying.

Originally Posted by DatsyukToZetterberg View Post
Yep and if he has a 30 or 35 point season we could be in a bit of cap trouble. But assuming that he finishes the year with a stat line of 15 Goals, 15 Assists what kind of contract would you offer him? I think I'd be willing to give him 2 years x 6 Million total.
Yeah, I was thinking somewhere between $2m and $3m is his likely cap hit for his next deal, and probably short term. Because of the shortened season, I think he's going to be a bit of a dice roll no matter what. And if he plays well, and all season, in our top6, we can't expect him to resign for $1.5m or something. He might do it, but that's something that I think would be a clear hometown deal.

As it is, I think we can say he skates hard, he goes to the net, and he works out there. Those qualities are good to keep around and probably worth a gamble.

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