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01-26-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Answer these questions individually please:
Why are you saying that Ericksson gives you the best CHANCE to succeed?
Because statistically, and according to those who had watched both at the time, Hovinen was more of a long shot/project than Eriksson.

If the Flyers didn't think he did, and no one else in the NHL thinks he does, why do YOU think he does?
Surely, no other quality players have ever been overlooked by 29 other NHL teams. Surely, the Flyers have never made a mistake with goalies.

Why aren't people signing him now?
Perhaps because it's far harder to break into the world of goaltending. There are far, far fewer spots for goalies than skaters. Most teams have their spots filled. Lots of those spots are filled with guys with more experience in NA hockey and don't require adjustment time. Maybe the teams that need more goaltending now, can't afford to waste time developing a prospect, and those content with their prospects don't feel the need to use a contract slot on one more...especially since those guys will all be fighting for ice time in their system. Even in the world of backup goalies, most teams will prefer someone washed up with established NA experience than someone fresh out of Europe but with more potential.

Answer me this: if your goalie cupboard is pretty much empty, does it make sense to go with the guy generally recognized as being more established and who has the better overall chance of success? Or does it make more sense to go with someone with less chance of success and a spotty record?

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