Thread: Pre-Game Talk: GAME #5 - Canucks @ Sharks - "BARF!"
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01-26-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by keslerburrows View Post
I agree. Over our first few games I have been increasingly frustrated with Edler on the PP. Although he's played well, it almost seems like he is using Garrison as a decoy to give himself more opportunities at goal. We have to use Garrison as our Salo of we want him to be productive, and at the moment the Sedins+Edler seem reluctant to feed him the puck. Hopefully this changes with time.
I think that's exactly right, and it's working very well. The Canucks have the downlow play, and either of the points as threats. Teams can probably cover two pretty well, but they have to cheat off the third to do that.

Certainly not a perfect powerplay, and Garrison doesn't lead a powerplay like Ehrhoff could, but I think that Garrison looks better than any option we had last year. Also, Kesler isn't even in and the powerplay is having that success.

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