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01-26-2013, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
When Vanek slashed Faulk, he lost his feet, and I heard the crowd howl at that. Seemed like he went down rather easily. Well, musta been that, cuz if they were howling at the slash call, then they are just a bunch of...well, you know.

And yeah...Skinner *****ing at the refs, jesus. That was embarrassing to hear. "ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME??? **** YOU!!" as he looked over at the ref in the other corner. And this after Vanek's aforementioned slash also netted him an'd have to wonder how much worse Vanek's indiscretion was.
Yup. That was the one. On my surround sound out on the rear left I could clear as day hear skinner with his nasal whiny mom took my cell phone cuz i txted away the mortgage payment 12 year old girl voice hurling expletives on a play where he was at most being leaned on, ran out of space so he just fell down. I thought the same thing about vanek. His was so quick how did skinner not get one? Skinners was like ten seconds long. It was embarrassing. This is why he needed more seasoning regardless of skill. Act like a kid, go play with the kids. He isn't going to singlehandedly win the cup for us. We didnt need him enough to justify dealing with this crap. I reffed a long time. I would've tossed him, then told his mom everything he said to me verbatim so he'd get smacked at home.

No Dave, not the high stick. Though the over exaggeration on that was pretty embarrassing as well. I think he was making a play on the puck and got rubbed off coming down the left wing. He got too deep to accomplish anything and just gave up thinking it looked like he was being held. No sale.

If anyone can get the audio it's worth hearing just to laugh at.

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