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Originally Posted by FanHabtic View Post
My feeling is that the lockout had a lot to do with the firm stance MB is taking. The Habs are looking for responsible contracts for RFA's through bridge deals. Perhaps they should make an exception for PK Subban because he is special but as PK is an RFA the Habs hold all of the cards. They are taking a hard-line stance. It would be nice to see more GMs taking this kind of stance so that we don't have another lockout.

I think a compromise will be had somewhere. I'm guessing 5 year 5M/year or 4 year 4.5M/year. Something like that. If its a 8 year deal then i can see 6M/year.
Lockouts don't happen because the best players are slightly overpaid. Lockouts happen when too many mediocre players are paid like they're great players. If the Habs are that serious about his potential and talent, then they'll sign him to the contract that would be fit. It seems like they either don't think he's as good as others do, or they're taking an unnecessarily ridiculous hard-line approach.

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