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Originally Posted by Stormrider451 View Post
I come in peace.

I noticed Ryan played only 13min and 0 PP min last game. Did he do something to get so little time? Will he again see 13 min tonight? Any chances the Ducks finally tap Ryan's potential in the next decade? Ryan is a hell of a player and it seems like he hasnt been able to reach his true potential in Anaheim behind Selanne despite already being plenty of years into his career. I remember last year thinking when trade rumors floated about Ryan.... "will the ducks truly trade him without seriously experiencing the true fullest potential of Ryan"?

Do you guys think it would be prudent, if the ducks look to be out of the playoff run later this year, to trade Selanne to a contender? Thus getting some pieces for the future and giving Ryan the full shot at top PP and EV minutes?
This is a narrative that Ryan benefits a lot from - that he'd be so much more if only he wasn't being held back by coaches/distractions/Selanne. Personally I think it's ********. He's an elite player with major consistency and attitude issues.

We got rid of the coach. He claimed to be much more relaxed. We ended the trade rumors and the other distractions. And now he's so happy to focus on the game. But here we are, and Bobby is three games in, collecting his paycheck without factoring at all. He'll go on streaks of 3 goals in 5 games, 10 goals in 12, etc., and he'll end the year with a ton of them. It's the same as always. Once Selanne goes, he'll be out of excuses. Personally I think that he ought to be the pulling hardest for Selanne to never retire.

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