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01-26-2013, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Carey Roy View Post
You guys are so funny.

Sure 5M$ is low but PK has to learn that he isn't bigger than the team. He has some attitude issues to solve and he needs to mature if he wants to reach the next level. He is already a great defenseman but he tends to make some mistakes. Don't get me wrong, the potential is definitely there but he needs to stop acting like he was the second coming of Orr.

You want to be a superstar PK? We want it too.
Prove it and you will get the contract you deserve.

I wouldn't go higher than 2.75M$ per. I might be an idiot like Bergevin is right now... Come on guys!
Comments like this that keep being Regurgitated over and over on this board are really starting to dumb down the atmosphere in here.

1. no where has PK ever stated that he is bigger than the team
2. this "he has a bad attitude" BS is only made up on this board and on RDS
3. "maturing" is only the matter of time and learning that comes with being in the NHL for longer and longer, and yes that kind of maturing applies for PK like it does with every other player in the effin world... not something specific to PK cause of his "attitude" problem.
4. he will reach his potential on this team or another .. which ever can recognize the rare talent he is and will be willing to pay him accordingly .. not try and force him into a disgustingly low offer

its becoming redundantly clear that all those who try and defend a 2 year bridge contract for 5 mil offer like it is the part of the 10 commandments or something.. especially in the case of PK.. are either so stuck on them selves that they can stop supporting MB side in this even after we all have found out that he is offering a ridiculously low offer because they cant admit that they were wrong.. or they are lacking in their cognitive functionality due to extreme lack of sleep or way to many narcotics .. or just pure hating on Subban.

all that being said...


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