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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
1. Eriksson has put up better stats then any one of our current prospects in a much better league no less. After all when drafting a player you look at his performance do you not? sure there are other things involved but first and foremost it's their performance that indicates potential.
Fair enough. The SEL is not a high scoring league to begin with, however. Didn't Jonas Gustavsson put up some monster numbers over there? Stats are nice, but as many have pointed out in other threads, stats without context aren't the best indicators. He has good numbers. That is great. If that was all that matters...he'd likely have an NHL contract. Again, I have said before, I don't know why the Flyers or the rest of the NHL don't think he is worth a contract, but it is pretty clear that that is the case. Otherwise, wouldn't he have an NHL contract?

2. You don't know what the Flyers or any other team in the league think, so why do you continually claim that you do? I already suggested one possibility. He may not want to come to NA and play in a lesser league. Another possibility could be family complications, we just don't know. Eriksson not being signed is NOT evidence suggesting he doesn't have the potential/skills to succeed in an NHL role. On the contrary his statistics in a top European league and the fact that an NHL scout thought enough of him that he was selected in an NHL draft suggests otherwise. Again we simply don't know the reason but to suggest that no contract = not NHL material is asinine.
I guess that is true. A team that drafts a guy, then doesn't sign him and doesn't re-draft him, and then doesn't offer him a contract after that could still think he is an NHL caliber goalie. Not to mention the other teams that didn't draft him the first time, didn't try to trade for him after, didn't draft him the second time, and continue to not offer him a contract also could think he is an NHL caliber goalie.

3. See above. and btw he's only 22 so give it some time. Hovinen wasn't signed by the Flyers until 24. Lundqvist was selected the same round as Eriksson, played in the same league, put up similar numbers and didn't come to the NHL until he was 23.
Once again, I never said the kid is terrible and has no shot or anything along those lines. All I am saying and have been saying is that you can't call not signing him a mistake when he is currently sitting in Europe without any NHL contract. At this point, no one but HFBoards and a couple bloggers thinks he is worth a contract. I know it is crazy and I will be called a sheep or Homer lover or apologist or something equally accurate for this, but I think I will trust the scouts who are paid to scout players and have seen him play and probably have even talked to his coaches and him as a player (which, really is not as good as reading some blogs and seeing him play on internet feeds a couple times). Nah, that would be crazy. The Flyers are stupid. They should have given him a contract.

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