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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
The only time my posts contain anything asinine is when they start off with "Originally posted by JBum".

The pervasive and seemingly nonstop attitude about next offseason automatically being better by the presence of John Davidson strikes me as similar to the couple that says, "Our relationship is in trouble. Let's have a baby; that will solve EVERYTHING!"

As of this moment, the following are facts:
- John Davidson is not the GM
- John Davidson has never been a GM
- John Davidson has exactly six years of front office experience in his life

With this in mind, it is absolutely ridiculous to deduce from that that John Davidson would make an excellent GM who would immediately be able to draw top-level free agents. Now, who made that deduction?

I'll point out that there is a longtime former GM (Craig Patrick) sitting in the front office. He's got a few years of coaching, a few years as an assistant, international experience, and about 25 years as an NHL GM. Is Craig Patrick enough of a draw because of "credibility" and "respect" and "experience"? Or do we have to recognize that, perhaps, free agents look at a variety of things not necessarily related to any of that?

Minnesota has a terrible owner (Craig Leipold) and a decent GM (Chuck Fletcher), yet they were able to get the two biggest free agent prizes in recent history together. And that was over several teams who possess vast amounts more "credibility" and "respect" and "money".
Arguing with you is like arguing with a liberal, you make no sense. Craig Patrick is nothing but an advisor, he has no power. JD is over everyone, what he wants is what's going to happen. He knows what he is doing, Howson has proven he doesn't, what you see in him God only knows! I hope he, SH, is successful, I want him to win, I want him to be executive of the year, but it aint happenin!! Nuff' said!

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