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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post

1) It is already quite evident that getting an UFA (who are expensive) like Prust was a great move
2) Boullion in the past two games has been very good, adds grit to the back end and is not the worst signing
3) This whole PK wanting THAT much was a bit of a surprise to us all. Fair enough, MB should have signed him first, but for whatever reasons, the two sides didn't get around to it during UFA season. Bergevin had to make moves 1 and 2 with the assumption that PK would not all of a sudden have acquired all-star status.

The thing that I hope PK realizes is the bind that he puts this team in by demanding more. I'm sure it's been pointed out to him. By taking a 2 year deal for what is still IMO fair (3M), he does the team and himself a great service. Instead, it's me me me. I grant that he is worth it in the long run, but it's not ridiculous to ask him to do this two year deal and let us sort out the cap for the future. I'm really disturbed by the fact that his holiness is going to force us to get rid of players who could be helpful to us. People forget that PK does not by himself make the team win. He helps as a group so it's like adding one and subtracting two. 3.5M/year for 2 would be great, only cuz I now have very low expectations for how much PK is willing to be fair.

If he had signed a 3M/year contract for 2 years at the outset, nobody would be making statements like "PK really got lowballed!, or, "We got PK at a discount!" This is what we expected for him coming off his ELC. Once he pulled a L'oréal moment, people started defending his case since we don't want to lose him. I don't think anyone (or not too many at least) were predicting THIS in terms of PK's requests/demands before they happened.

Anyway, get it done. Enough is enough. I just dropped a ton on the game vs Boston on Feb 6th. He better be there. IF Bergeving is still offering 2.5 or 2.75/year, then yeah, he's being foolish, not cuz PK is a god, but because it's clear that PK will not accept it and increasing to 3-3.5 won't kill the organization...I hope.

edit: Re: Carbo's inside scoop. Meehan never said Carbo was wrong. Since it was a figure/attitude that looked bad on PK, he simply said "I don't know how Carbo could have access to such privileged info.", which is what an agent WOULD say in that situation. I'm not convinced Carbo was wrong.
1) Getting UFA and be **** towards one of your most promising RFA is not a good policy.
2) Had he signed PK there is not much of a need to sign Bouillon
3) MB is a GM. His job is to set priorities on which player to sign.
4) You put the burden on PK and blame him for not signing the contract. Put yourself on PK shoes, what would you so if the team offered you the same salary as Prust, and according to the journalists, has not moved away from that offer the whole summer.

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