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01-26-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post
What's with all the "Team first", "Team is everything", "Nothing else matters but the Team" mentality?
Last I check, for a lot of people, including NHL players, the team isn't the first priority in their lives.
For Subban it could very well be that his priority is simply "Family".
But oooooh noooo! "Family"??? What a disgrace! Anyone who takes "Family" over the "TEAM" must be thrown out!!! A traitor!
Seriously, some people need to take their heads out of the sand and simple realize that the Habs isn't everything to some or all of these players.
Again, I'm not saying the reason he stayed in Toronto is because of "family", just that it could be a distinct possibility. And yes, some don't mind moving away and living in their teams city. But this doesn't have to be everyone.
People simply have different and individual priorities in life. Deal with it.
But PK says the Habs are pretty much everything to him and says he wouldn't want to play for anyone else and loves the city. Yet, he is holding out for more money (Yes, just like the PA holding out, this is a hold out), and stayed far away from his teammates and the city during a lockout during which lots of his teammates, including many who's hometowns are farther away from Montreal than his, came to town and stayed here. So, why wasn't PK here during the lockout?

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