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01-26-2013, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by cphabs View Post
Need a recipe for poutine. Yes, I looked on the internet, but I figure there would be no better place to ask than here. If there is a thread on this I could not find it so please just give me a warning/delete.

I would like to make it for my friends as we watch next Saturday's game. You see, I live in one of the most horrible places on earth... Western NY.
Okay... cut fresh potatoes in fries then boil them in oil.

Make BBQ sauce to your liking ( that you will find lots of recipes on the internet ), traditionally poutine sauce is pretty much the same as chicken sauce.

Buy mozzarella cheese, no kraft BS, real pizza mozzarella cheese.

to that you can add chicken, sausages, smoke meat...

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