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01-26-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
I just got home from a night out where I spent from 1am to 3:30am with two homeless elderly men looking for something to eat. Neither of them smoke, drink, or do illegal drugs, and were part of a london radio show in the past. I spent about 110$ on random food articles for them to put in their fridges, and when they hugged me goodbye and walked away I cried like a little baby. Saddest thing in the world watching these old men waddling away from me on their way to find a warm place to sleep. And then we have useless artists like Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Birdman buying 1,800,000$ Bugatti's so that they can look good on their way to the liquor store. Today's society is so based on popularity we forget that there are people in need of help and love in the world. Just imagine somebody you love losing their mind and having to sleep under newspaper in an alley. I had an eye opening experience tonight, and I honestly couldn't care less about my past. Can we please find a way to help those people / animals in need instead of wasting our mental ability on **** that doesn't mean a single thing? Tonight is the best night I've ever had and I didn't even talk to a single attractive girl. YOLO?! SO DO THEY. Spread your love, forgive and forget. ♥ Wishing you all a happy, comfortable Saturday. Please try to at least research something where somebody or something needs your help. Goodnight friends, much love.

That's one of my friends' status' from last night. Wow.
I read all of that thinking it was you who did it. Then I got to the end

Reminds me that I should start looking/thinking about where I want to volunteer this summer. Haven't in the past, but usually I don't get as many work hours as I would like so I figure this year I will try and do something useful. Need it for my resume as well... My resume isn't looking so great

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