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01-26-2013, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by eartotheground View Post
i know i'm going to get flamed for this, but i don't think larsen's played all that well this year. now, i'm not saying i wouldn't rather that he were out on the ice working through whatever issues he's having, but there could be more to this than just getting jordie some pt with his brother. larsen was decent to good last year, and we are all excited because we expect him to only get better. however, often times young players struggle in their first offseason in the bigs... they feel like they've made it and don't keep the drive and relentless pursuit that it takes in practice and off ice workouts to keep improving. this may not be the issue, but i defiantly feel like he hasn't been nearly as good as he was last year. (i know, small sample size and all that, but the coaching staff has a much much larger sample size than we do)
But he's hardly played! He has the lowest TOI on the team out of the D, which is a joke in an of itself.

If he had been given the opportunity that he should have been, and THEN played poorly, sure, do whatever you want. But he's clearly played better than Robidas, Goligoski, and Benn at the very least. Who just get showered with more playing time, of course.

And those concerns about about "drive" or whatever seem strange considering Larsen was one of the few players who actually challenged themselves over the lockout by playing a major role against good competition in a situation that would directly help his game as an NHLer...

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