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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
I don't think Bylsma and Shero's fates should be tied together. Shero is supporting his coach 100%, which he should.

In my other, non-freaking out fan life, I cover football (not Steelers). If there's one thing I've learned, it's that 99% of fans don't think like fans who care enough to post on message boards.

While we believe there is a problem with Bylsma, the vast majority of fans think he's great, think the team is amazing, and that every loss is actually just a matter of a couple of bad bounces and a failure to "get to their game."

So it's hard to just fire the guy who won a cup a few years ago. So, until the organization is willing to go down that path, Shero should supporting Bylsma and his system 100%.

I've disagreed very little with Shero's bigger moves, and I think he's done a lot of good in building a team with an eye towards being able to retain Sid and Geno long term.

tl;dr - if Blysma goes, I think Shero should stay.
I wonder how, if at all, the way this season plays out and the way this coaching staff uses him will factor into the ability to keep Geno long term.

It may not at all. Then again, maybe his buddy Kovalchuk gets into his ear (you know they'd have a spot for him). He worships Datsyuk, and you know that organization and that coach would love to have him. Kulemin is one of his best friends, and Toronto always needs a center. I think he'll resign. I;m almost 100% sure of it. But, the fact that I'm no longer 100% sure worries me. Money isn't the thing, but he clearly had too much fun playing in the KHL, for a coach like Maurice (defensive style, used him all facets like a horse) and with his buddies, to think that there's no way he'd NEVER leave in a year and a half (for another team in the NHL).

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