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01-26-2013, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
If that was me, I'd walk.. Habs organization is going downhill. Paying their best defenseman as much as their tough guy? And trading a player during the game? Come on...
He can't walk. The Habs own his rights and therefore all the bargaining power. He can either accept whatever they offer, or reject it and not play. Nevertheless, it's a stupid move to do this to one of your franchise players, especially when you are overpaying secondary role-players.

Originally Posted by Erdinger View Post
What's next? Asking the coach to stand behind the players bench with a paper bag on his another classy organization we all know and love.
It's weird. Both the Habs and Leafs love overpaying their players, but when it comes to overpaying a good player (for the Habs) and one in which the hockey world agrees you need to have going forward, they can't do it.

I sure hope the Leafs cough up the money when it comes to re-signing Kessel.

Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
That's insulting. My guess is that PK's group is atleast double that. Montreal is trying to start low...way low.
They have 3 franchise pieces in 3 areas you need them, namely, forward, defense, and goal-tending.

I don't know why they are screwing this up. Lowballing your franchise player is utterly retarded.

Originally Posted by TK View Post
But the main thing is Ovy looks like he's lost his drive to play and win with Washington. Nobody knows why either (if this is in fact the case), but hopefully he can snap out of it. I want the real Ovy Back. D:
Washington needs to move either him or Backstrom, because it has become abundantly clear that their core cannot win a Stanley Cup. The respective value of Ovechkin or Backstrom would be well worth it. They also take up a ton of cap space.

Time to move on, I would say.

Originally Posted by Erdinger View Post
He was hands down my favourite NHL player but perhaps guys like Cherry were right when they said his ultra aggressive style of play would be impossible to sustain over a lengthy career as his body would just wear down. He really was great to watch at his peak.
I don't agree. I see a player who doesn't care anymore, more than a player who is declining and has lost it.

We'll have to agree to disagree.

Originally Posted by Phion Keneuf View Post
There's nothing I'd want on that roster in all fairness

Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
When he's the only player on his team, it's not hard to adjust. He does the same thing all the time. It's the same reason Phil can't score on the PP, teams know what he's going to do.
Ovechkin and Kessel are completely different players. I do not see the comparison with regard to how he's been figured out.

Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
Maybe they need Komarov to help motivate him like with Dynamo?
Maybe the Leafs could use him and allocate salary to a star player like him, instead of secondary players like Grabovski, Lupul, and Liles?

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