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01-26-2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by cphabs View Post
Need a recipe for poutine. Yes, I looked on the internet, but I figure there would be no better place to ask than here. If there is a thread on this I could not find it so please just give me a warning/delete.

I would like to make it for my friends as we watch next Saturday's game. You see, I live in one of the most horrible places on earth... Western NY.
Make fries preferably in peanut oil.

If you can't get the true Quebec curd cheese you can use mozzarella or even an American cheddar curd cheese as long as not to strong.

I have this that I bought when visiting my Canadian relatives, too bad I can't even get that special cheese in Windsor as it only seems to be located in Quebec.

Now here is a website that sells some Canadian specialties.
I never used it because I live in Metro Detroit so I can easily take a trip over the border, there are some Canadian foods that taste better than what we have here in the States that i like to occasionally get. Speaking of that last time I went to Windsor I told themIi was going shopping. They gave me so much trouble, apparently it is very rare for Americans to shop for food items like chocolates, VH sauces, pates, mixes etc. Next time I am telling them i am going to the casino instead.

Edit>> You put fries in plate add cheese on top and how much gravy you like.

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