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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
If he plays with the same energy and passion and irons out some of his weaknesses (Giveaways, he's brutal at them, amongst others), he'll deserve MORE than Doughty's. His talent is not an issue for anyone.

His character is. And more specifically, he has to learn the world doesn't revolve around him. If he doesn't speak in the room or the music he likes doesn't play, it's ok.

He can be as much of a star as he wants on the ice, but his teammates have come out in the press to say his character could be overbearing at times. Just tone it down a little PK, still be you, but turn the volume down a little. And win Norris Trophies all you want.
So let me understand, talent not an issue but his character is?

Does he take shifts off on the ice? No
Is he a warrior? Yes
Can he carry a heavy workload? Yes
Does he work hard off ice? Incredibly
Is he accessible to media and fans? Incredibly
Has he ever been mentioned in any scandalous type behavior?No
Does he come from a close-knit good family? Tes

To me that above shows character. What you are referring to is his personality. This is where the slippery slope of racism comes from. Yes he is brash, flashy, exuberant, slightly immature (but not unlike 22 year olds) but he does not deserve the character assassinations that haters seems to bestow on him.

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