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Originally Posted by Habtchum View Post
If he agrees for 3,5, great but he deserves to be the third most paid defenseman on this team right now behind Marvov and Kaberle who have way more experience than him.
You mean it's great for PK Subban by 0.5M. I think he can subsist on 3.5 just fine. It's worse for the Habs. There's no reason why the talent level must directly follow the money, that's not how the NHL works and there are reasons why the concept of RFA and UFA and ELC exist. PK isn't going to play 0.5M harder if he gets 4M as opposed to 3.5. I expect him to come out like gangbusters no matter what deal he signs.

Originally Posted by JustAHabFan View Post
1) Getting UFA and be **** towards one of your most promising RFA is not a good policy.
2) Had he signed PK there is not much of a need to sign Bouillon
3) MB is a GM. His job is to set priorities on which player to sign.
4) You put the burden on PK and blame him for not signing the contract. Put yourself on PK shoes, what would you so if the team offered you the same salary as Prust, and according to the journalists, has not moved away from that offer the whole summer.
1) Let's roll things back to the offseason, when PK wasn't even negotiating his contract. The Prust signing looks like a great one, what more can I say? It wasn't Prust OVER PK. PK wasn't in play at the time. If you're looking down the road, retrospectively, PK is an RFA and without banging my head against a wall again, the policy of him signing a 2 year deal is NOT ridiculous by any means. Bergevin's plans for PK were perfectly fair until the primadonna (I wish he hadn't made me think of him this way) decided he would leverage his popularity to go against the grain in the Montreal Canadiens organization.

2) Again, during RFA season, there was not much happening with PK. That AND Boullion will be a very important depth defenseman, if not the 6th. You're again using post-hoc analysis of PK's holdout (which was unexpected) to judge a pretty decent signing and one that Therrien (I think we can almost be sure) requested.

3) What if PK was the one too busy with stuff to sit down and negotiate? Was MB supposed to do nothing during the UFA season? His job then was to get some good depth and gritty players - which he did. PK's RFA bs, AGAIN, is a situation none of us expected to happen. Be honest. Did you really think he wouldn't sign a typical run of the mill contract that was 1M+ more than Patches and Price? I'm glad MB did what he did and that PK didn't hold up the UFA signing process.

4) I'll answer your question, but I doubt you'll believe me. Prust is a UFA. We got him because of what he has proven on a top NHL team. We paid him that much cuz that's how much it costs to get Brandon Prust on your team. If I'm PK Subban, coming off an ELC, loving MTL, loving the Habs...I'll tell you what I do - I sign a 2 year contract worth 2.5-3M/year and DON'T create the drama that he has. If PK loves the Habs as much as I do (which supposedly he does), is playing for them, has just finished his ELC, his friends on the team went through the same process (I wouldn't for a second pull the "what I'm worth" stuff), I would have, in his shoes, signed MB's original contract when it became clear that this GM was ready to win a Stanley Cup, not give out merit badges. (And gratuitous ones at that!)

Since I suppose I have to state it lest it appears as though I'm a hater:

I LOVE P.K. I want him back ASAP. I'm tired of this crap. I'm more worn out than Bergevin so being weaker than him, I will just accept giving him an overpayment to satisfy his ego. If this deal does happen, I don't want to hear a god damn complaint from all those in the "he's the franchise - give him what he wants" camp, if he falters.

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