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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Hmm...I don't really see an issue with this. Maybe we should boycot Greece and Greek food and the like since they require med to serve 2 years in the military.
Military service can serve a purpose (or at least used to back when military wasn't voluntary). It prepared citizens in can of a conflict and draft. Here, what is the point of the oath? As an immigrant, I understand the need for an oath in order to earn citizenship privileges. But as an American citizen, being coerced into swearing to something you don't even believe just to be able to get to grad school or - god forbid - get a frigging job? Gross.

Originally Posted by doaner View Post
As stated, this is done by the same ppl that complain about God being anywhere near anything.
What exactly is being "done" by "those people". Those 4 republican representatives are the ones trying to pass a new law. What are you talking about???

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