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Originally Posted by Mr. T View Post
Nope, he'd keep them in California. If an NBA team goes to Seattle (i.e. the Kings) they will break ground on the new NBA/NHL arena project. Then the NHL will allegedly follow (Phoenix, maybe).

I'd also like to keep his sport holdings in Pittsburgh because I think he'd turn quickly to viewing a California team as his more precious asset.

Sacramento is trying to get a last minute plan to prevent the sale from going through...but I think it's too late to save the Kings. The NBA wants a team in Seattle and when the NBA wants something somewhere, it tends to happen. I feel bad for Kings fans...but without a privately built arena they're not a feasible franchise in the NBA and trying to get a guy to build an arena with their own money in a niche market like Sacramento isn't exactly appealing to anyone with deep enough pockets to make it happen. Throw in the fact that the Maloofs just don't care about the team and just want to recoup some of their massive losses over the past decade and you have an ownership that isn't going to be willing to sell for less to keep the team local.

It's just really hard to take a market seriously when their last two arena sponsers were a company that makes wristbands and a mattress store. Sleep Train Arena is just an embarrassing name...the Arena of the NBA.

The saddest thing about the 2003, when ESPN did their first Ultimate Team Ratings list, the King were ranked 4th out of 121 - including rankings of 3rd for ownership and 4th for fan relations. Last year they ranked 121st out of 122 - including dead last for ownership and 120th for fan relations. The year before they were 121st in ownership - 'topped' only by the Atlanta Thrashers.

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