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01-26-2013, 02:56 PM
Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by jrk View Post
We don't know if Subban will be as good as he was in the last 2 years and we don't know if he is a problem for the coachs.
Sorry, but if that's what management thinks, there's only 1 option. Trade him. If, despite what I said and what PK has proven, you are still not sure of what he can give you and you're nervous he might be a dressing room proble, there is NO reason why you would take that issue and make it what it is right now. The idea is to trade a guy when he's hot to get a better return. If it's just a question of evaluation, well other teams have their own evaluation and might think the world out of him. So you don't drag this eternally so that the value of your player might degrade to this point. And you know that at the very 1st meeting you have with Subban and his agent. The philosophy and the gap HAD to be incredibly big at that point so that each sides' first thought had to be that it was going to be a very difficult process. And it is. To a point now that everyboyd is unhappy, the GM hates his player's guts for making him look so bad, the player hate his GM's evaluation of him, some interested teams might hate the fact that Subban looks like he demands a whole lot which might make them afraid of him and what he'd ask for so that in trade talks, it comes into play etc...

So it all comes down to evaluation. Like we could have afforded to get of McDonagh 'cause we were getting this great future hall of famer centerman and we didn't need a rather "declining" McDonagh who had an average WJC AND we had a Subban in our ranks......Professionnals do make some STUPID reasoning from time to time. And it looks like our very actual own is working on his 1st right now. I will say that he already looks bad as it is. Their is some damage done NO MATTER if PK signs or not. Yet, I would't call Bergevin a failure....let's be realistic and give the guy some time. But I do have to say that how Hamilton was build this year was a mistake. And now the PK stupid reality show is another one.

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