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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
Question: Is this the right system for Sid and Geno? Or, would we be better off with a system like Bylsma used before he changed it after the cup win? I just look at those two, for example, and think you need a breakout to utilize short passing, puck support, and give and go's rather than dump and chase stretch passes again and again and again.

And agreed wholeheartedly about accountability. I keep going back to Malkin playing for Maurice in Russia. Malkin's a god there. Maurice is just another American coach. Geno played like **** defensively in like the second or third game, and Maurice benched his *** for the third period. ****, if Bylsma won't bench Englland, then you know that's part of the problem.
You can't really put a blanket over everything and say "this is the system that will make them unstoppable". Every matchup is different and your system needs to be dynamic enough to adjust on the fly, from period to period, series to series. When I can start recognizing breakouts and where each player will be going, so does the other team.

DB just has trouble counter punching and it is a little frustrating to watch. He also doesn't do well with line matching and prefers to go strength on strength, which I don't agree with. You have to exploit matchups, especially in the playoffs.

As for '09, the Pens beat the Wings because they countered the hybrid LWL the Wings employed with a chip and chase game. Watch game 7 and you will see it executed to perfection. The Wings system feasted off turnovers and quick transition. The Pens didn't mess around going E-W... All pucks beyond the red line were dumped mostly cross corner with two fwds hitting the blueline with speed. F1 and f2 were aggressive in cutting off all outlets and banging around the Wings blueliners.

This was the perfect system agt. the Wings because they were not an overly physical team. There is no guarantee it would work agt every team, because it can be countered with quick outlets and leave your fwds trapped.

The Wings did in fact counter the forecheck and that is why it was a seven game series decided by one goal. The Wings, especially Stuart, just made the big mistakes that cost them.

There is no fool proof system and all of them can be countered with disciplined play and on the fly adjustments. That's why you need talented players to step up in the playoffs and force teams into mistakes.

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