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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
Except a sale to Sacramento's local owners won't take any money from the Maloofs. A good chunk of what Hansen's offering is going to the Maloofs AND the NBA. Sacramento's offer doesn't have to have money go to the NBA. Besides that, there's a clause in the minority ownership's contracts that allows for a right to match.
Guess what NBA can't force the maloofs to sell locally. So essentially your saying that Sac local owner won't match Hansen's offer and thus have the entire league franchises value at a much lower amount than what Hansen's offer will bring it to.

Selling to Hansen has way more huge pluses. They don't have to pay the team 20m in revenue sharing anymore and each make money from a relocation fee nevermind all teams value go up 30% with the 525m offer.

Guess what the ROFR is a NON ISSUE. You think the owners have 340m dollars that they have to come up on their own with no debt to match hansen i doubt it. Hansen's lawyers looked at it as well as the NBA's lawyers looked at it. Its a non issue. If they want to sue to have the agreement tossed then the NBA will NEVER accept any offers from Sacramento to buy the kings or future franchises. A lawsuit is a guarantee that they WILL lose the kings. If that ROFR was a huge issue there is no way there would been an agreement announcement that the Maloofs are selling the Kings to Hansen's group this soon.

From what i heard via KJR sports radio Host (who has a connection with the our ownership group) that the language in the contract is vague. And legally you can't successfully challenge an agreement on vague language.

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