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Originally Posted by Damn Skippy View Post
This is a narrative that Ryan benefits a lot from - that he'd be so much more if only he wasn't being held back by coaches/distractions/Selanne. Personally I think it's ********. He's an elite player with major consistency and attitude issues.

We got rid of the coach. He claimed to be much more relaxed. We ended the trade rumors and the other distractions. And now he's so happy to focus on the game. But here we are, and Bobby is three games in, collecting his paycheck without factoring at all. He'll go on streaks of 3 goals in 5 games, 10 goals in 12, etc., and he'll end the year with a ton of them. It's the same as always. Once Selanne goes, he'll be out of excuses. Personally I think that he ought to be the pulling hardest for Selanne to never retire.
Are you kidding me? Look at the company Ryan is with on the 30+ goal for four years in a row stat.. And hes doing that despite having to ride backseat to Selanne (I understand why Selanne gets top PP minutes, hes a beast and deserves it).. But I think Ryan has done MORE than enough with the proportionally less amount of top quality PP time he has gotten over the years. Its hard to do what he does game in and game out when you dont always get top PP time with the big boys. Its way easier to be consistent if you get to play on the advantage for twice as much time and with Perry and Getzlaf. 30+ goals over four years is quite consistent if you ask me. But dont expect the guy to score every game on mostly EV opportunities. He does quite the job at that already.

Everyone else on that 30+ season goal streak gets ample top PP time.

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