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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
Erik Johnson can't handle top line opposition. With favourable match ups and zone starts, and the most PP time among Colorado defensemen, he could only toss up 26 points. That's bad. He's poor on the penalty kill. He doesn't begin to replace Subban.

I'm not meaning to pick on you here, and I do like Johnson, but he's really a decent second pairing defenseman. I'd like him as a project second pair guy if the club had a stalwart alongside him -- absent that, he's a defenseman that needs to be protected and coddled.

You can argue that he's a project that has the tools, but Subban's a player who's got those same tools and he's already put them together. I'm not exaggerating when I say they're not in the same league; Subban's a capable shut-down defenseman who's strong in transition, can move the puck up the ice, excels on the PK and has some refining to do on the PP but he's already decent there too. He's comfortably a top pairing defenseman, and borderline #1 on a solid club. Really, they may be similar in raw tools, but that's largely irrelevant when one player (who's younger) is actually utilising those tools while the other isn't.

There are no comparable defensemen available in a trade, I don't think. Johnson would come and slide in behind Markov and Gorges and be a nuisance to coach, as he'd be yet another defenseman that needed to be protected.
Ok, you're not underrating Johnson, just overrating PK

Seriously, I don't agree with your evaluation of PK. Yes, he did everything you said, but the results weren't exactly good (we were dead last with piss poor defense and defencemen), except on the PK, where he was the 3rd d-men used after Gill and Gorges.

Personnaly, I think he utterly sucks on the PP, because of poor decision making.

But, he's a work horse, plays well in all 3 zones and his one of, if not the most skilled defenceman in the league... but contrary to you, I'm far from seeing him as a finish product.

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