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Originally Posted by Avs Hockey Podcast View Post
Agreed on the used pants. Icky.

And the thing I look closest at when it comes to used/washed jerseys is the crest. If it's wavy or looks flimsy the jersey has been washed a lot. If it has been washed a lot it has probably been dried a lot and that's bad. Most people don't understand that drying your jersey a lot will take its toll on the jersey overall. If the crest is still crisp, you should be good. Most of the used authentic jerseys I've seen on eBay haven't been too beat up. I've had a fair amount of success through the years with used jerseys on eBay.
I agree, the crest tells the tale. That said, I've been pretty lucky with finding "New With Tags" jerseys on ebay. I can think of 4 of my jerseys off the top of my head that were new (and everything I have but one is pre-2002). I'd assume that if someone is willing to put up the cash for an authentic jersey, they probably have enough interest in the sport/hobby to take care of it. And, the original buyer knew the price tag... they understand the value, so inherently it's in their best interest to keep it in good condition. I've seen tons of replica jerseys that are trashed - more inexpensive, less care I suppose. #2 for NEVER drying a jersey.

Originally Posted by billybobjoe1881 View Post
Washing a jersey and hanging it to dry is OK though right? Just veryfiying.
I don't wash unless there's a stain. I wear at least a t-shirt, usually a heavy long sleeved t-shirt underneath so I don't feel too gross about just hanging them up after I wear them, and it's not like I'm in them for a full day, once or twice a week. When I do wash, it's in a clean bathtub by hand - NOT in the washing machine, cold water and a little detergent. Toothbrush at the ready for any light scrubbing, and then rinse in cold and hang immediately.

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