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Originally Posted by cneely View Post
Nobody is losing their heads, we're simply presenting evidence that he is a legit heavyweight. Evidence that you continually ignore because you have some sort of agenda / hate for Lucic.
His fight card shows he's fought plenty of heavyweights from the time he was 19 and is doing increasingly well against them, as shown by his tko of Carkner last night. He was voted by his peers as the toughest guy in the league. All of this you choose to ignore.
No it doesn't... I already answered this and received a plethora of comments about how he doesn't have to fight heavyweights because he's a valuable player and he does other things, including one PM calling me a moron and an idiot. Yet I never said anything to the contrary...

Carkner is not a heavyweight, Erskine is not a heavyweight... the only times he's fought a real heavyweight was Orr and he lost. That's fine... he isn't a heavyweight. I just don't get this NEED for Boston fans for him to be something he's not just because everyone loves him there.

A random anonymous vote a him beating a guy who hasn't fought a heavyweight in 2 years due to be knocked silly doesn't change anything.

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