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01-26-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by G51 K81 View Post
Any revenue generated from the past has no influence on decisions made prospectively. Luongo helped generate playoff revenue a couple years ago, doesn't mean they should eat millions of dollars for the next 10 years.
No, but it justifies paying him the money they have.

I find it ridiculous that people seem to suggest that just because Luongo isn't traded yet that somehow the Canucks (ownership) will be forced to eat all that salary year after year. There is no doubt that he will be moved eventually. Can the team hold on to him for this year, and pay his salary for this season (and not even an entire year's salary as it's a shortened season), so they can get a better return for him?

What's $5mill or so for this ownership group to have him sitting on the bench for this year, to get a better return? That's about $3-4mill extra that they're spending (over a cheaper backup), to wait until the offseason to move him. Is that really going to impact the owner's financial situation? Especially considering the millions he's made from the Canucks playoffs in the past years?

Aquillini has routinely spend $2-3mill/yr sitting guys in the minors so the Canucks could get a better trade deal and/or have more depth with vets on pro 1-way contracts sitting in the minors. You think he's going to worry that much about having Luongo's salary sittting on the bench this season as a backup? That security is already worth something. Subtract the difference between him and a backup, and then throw in the less salary paid due to the lockout, while having the same financial impact in the playoffs, and it amounts to peanuts.

Of course that only applies if it's a short-term situation, ie. he's traded by the offseason. And I think everyone - including Luongo, Gillis and Aquillini - know that he will eventually be dealt.

There is less of a financial loss keeping Luongo as a backup and going on another playoff run - even if it's just 2 rounds - than going yet another season not seeing any playoff revenue at all. That's the difference right now between the Canucks and Leafs situations. The Canucks have been earning their playoff revenue, and Luongo has been a big part of that. One lockout shortened season having him as a backup is hardly going to be a financial burden for this team.

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