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01-26-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by JtotheLew View Post

I feel like this could be Getz best season if he keeps playing like this, I have never seen him start this good he's really playing awesome at both ends of the ice. His penalty was a little bit ******** but if he takes one less whack then he gets away with it, he's just gotta learn to toe that line better (he's not a rookie, he should already know). Perry is off to a bad start in his contract year and he's letting it get to him too much, we're 3 games in.
It's Getzlaf's contract year, too, and I think he's playing better because he knows he wants to stay with the Ducks. He's not anxious because he's comfortable, and that allows him to play with confidence. Perry, though, clearly doesn't know whether he wants to stay or go. He's cracking under self-created pressure.

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