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01-26-2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
But he's hardly played! He has the lowest TOI on the team out of the D, which is a joke in an of itself.

If he had been given the opportunity that he should have been, and THEN played poorly, sure, do whatever you want. But he's clearly played better than Robidas, Goligoski, and Benn at the very least. Who just get showered with more playing time, of course.

And those concerns about about "drive" or whatever seem strange considering Larsen was one of the few players who actually challenged themselves over the lockout by playing a major role against good competition in a situation that would directly help his game as an NHLer...
i'll concede to most of what you say. i disagree a bit about benn though. he was shaky the first few shifts, but i think he has progressed steadily since, only a few glaring errors.

i watched an nfl films show about tom brady the other day, and the thing that struck me was how whenever he got his chance, he seized it by the throat and dragged it screaming through the streets. larsen hasn't had but one play that's stood out to me as, "wow, nice play" in his opportunities. i'd like to see larsen make something of the playing time he does get.

that's a good point about him playing during the lockout... do you think he's having some adjustment issues from the rink size? different angles maybe? could he be a little more conservative in his game as a result?

really, this could all be fixed if they can just find some schmuck gm to take robidas. sigh.

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