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Originally Posted by cneely View Post
Chara can be a hell of a fighter. Google the YouTube of him and Koci.
Not sure why you would dispute this list or call me a homer. This is not my opinion, it's the opinion of the guys who actually play. I never mentioned Campbell once, and stated my opinion in this thread that Lucic is probably a top 15 fighter, certainly not top 5. And for that you call me a homer? Reading comprehension ftw.
Chara suck at fighting. Is fight again Koci was one of is best but look the other one.This is why I called you a homer.
p.s: The nose of Koci was broken before the fight to........

And for the list, you mentionned that fighting was a big part of the criteria. So its absurd to think that the 3 bruins players are ahead of Mcgrattan, this is why I think this list is ********.....

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