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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
The numbers are 92.26 and 93.08 respectively right now. Pretty common SEL coaching to split the starts when you have two good goalies.

Eriksson was always a curious case to me, he showed improvement every season after getting drafted. I think most people were a little surprised at the time. I don't know if Philly had too many contracts, but if you draft a guy and he does well the normal case would be to offer a contract. Can't see why he wouldn't have signed, he could still stay and develop his game in Sweden.

Long-term staying in Sweden has been very good for him and he's absolutely ready to take the next step. But I don't see Philadelphia having the inside track to sign him if he wants to go overseas, more like it's a smaller chance he signs there considering they drafted him and didn't come to terms. He's by far the best UFA goalie from Sweden this upcoming summer. Last summer Fasth, Nilstorp and Svedberg all signed contracts as UFAs. The former two are NHL backups already this year and Svedberg is an AHL all-star. I see no real reason why Eriksson couldn't succeed too. He's not really a latebloomer either, he was always promising and still is.
thanks for the info. like i said i've been following him for a couple yrs but unfortunately i don't get to see him play a whole bunch, though i do consider myself a fan. so i really appreciate any insight into the situation. i'll keep my fingers crossed that the flyers can get him signed. just wish i knew a journalist/sports writer who could ask my questions/get me some answers, hahaha.

the whole reason this came up is because the flyers fan base seems to be torn on him. half think he should be offered a contract the other half think that since no NHL team has signed him all ready that he's not NHL material/doesn't have the potential. from my comments you can probably guess which side of the argument i'm on.

little off topic but does anyone know how i could catch some more games here in America or do you have to be in Sweden? i find streams online now and again but they're few and far between.

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