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01-26-2013, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Not to take this too far off topic, but the danger for Joe is that he potentially has 3 strikes against him by season's end:

- Neal trade
- Crawford hire
- Gulutzan hire

And those also happen to be the most significant moves he's made.

The frustrating part for me is that if you were to magically set all of that aside and pretend it didn't happen, he's really done quite well. Almost all of his other player personnel decisions have been strong, well-reasoned, forward-thinking moves.

I get the feeling that if we just stuck with him he'd end up rewarding us and turning into a top flight GM. I'd like to see him stay on and learn from his mistakes. I'm just afraid that won't happen and we'll be back to square one. And it won't be undeserved either.
I would add a possible fourth strike, if you will...... "No playoffs in five years". Doesn't look too pretty on his resume.

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