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01-26-2013, 03:24 PM
I'm Back
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I was at the game, missed the first due to traffic/weather. Guess I didn't miss awhole lot but really liked the vast improvement over the other games. I really like that D and Z are on separate lines finally. I think Howard played like typical Howard made the saves he needed to however letting a fluky one here or there doesn't bother me too much, **** happens. The D was a lot more solid tonight, still sloppy at times but overall a heck of a lot better. Not saying it's perfect or even near perfect however it's good to see improvement. I've always been a fan of bert and I'm glad to see the guy still coming out and putting up points. I don't care if people think his goals are weak or sloppy, nobody else has been putting it in the net besides the "Nose" so I'll take the goals when we can get them. On a side note, I've been going to games at the Joe Since 92 and have never had a problem until this game. OMG the dude and his gf sitting behind me had to be the dumbest people I've ever heard in my life. Literally anytime a red wing touched the puck they were yelling and cursing about everything, annoyed the hell out of me. Almost turned around and told the guy to **** or b**** slap him. Either way I had a blast at the game and getting a win was icing on the cake!

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