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01-26-2013, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by SenzZen View Post
OK. Does Halak-Price ring a bell? Is that something you think management should invite to join the team this season? And risk pissing Anderson off like Colorado did?

Price-Halak turned out pretty well for Montreal... They got a trip to the Top 4 because they played the hottest of the 2 #1 goalies, and now they have the best young goalie in the game as a franchise cornerstone. Don't know why you referred to that.

Risk pissing off Anderson? If Anderson wants to play, he should need to play better than Lehner. Pretty simple and not an unreasonable demand. And he'll still get his money whether he plays or not. I don't think Anderson is as big a baby as you make him out to be.

Originally Posted by SenzZen View Post
Lehner is the future. Anderson is playing amazing right now, though- and yes is under contract for 2 years after this one. Something many fans were upset about at the time of his signing- "too many years, blah, blah, blah"... I'm sure the extra year that some fans gripe about had a part in swaying him to sign here without a NMC/NTC. And kudos to Murray, because if it's undeniable that Lehner's time has come, we can move Anderson for some good assets.

not so sure about the contract part, but okay

Originally Posted by SenzZen View Post
Bishop played in 13 games for Bingo while Lehner played in 22- not at all disproportionate when you consider the schedule in the AHL having lots of back-to-backs and 3-in-4s.

Lose Bishop on waivers by sending him down is terrible asset management.
And I never said Bishop should be put on waivers. I think he should have been traded prior to the season starting, even if it's just for a 3rd round pick (I don't think he should have been acquired in the first place).

Anyway, you still didn't answer my question. How would you go about settling Lehner into the #1 role?

Pretty much every young goalie starts as a backup and play themselves into the #1 slot. But you seem unwilling to do this with Lehner? Why? And what's your alternative solution?

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