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01-26-2013, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Rumcajs View Post
Can you describe/compare Yannick to another nhl player?
He has a really powerful shot. He looked like he was pretty good at using it early in his NHL career, but last year, he had a really hard time getting it on net. Whenever he was pressured, he would just shoot it randomly and it would kill our PP.

Physically, he's not weak, but he's not very strong either. His defensive game needs some polishing, but ultimately, he's a PP specialist. He scored 4 goals last year, playing very little and more often than not, on the fourth line instead of on defense.

In his last stint in the AHL, he had 8 goals in 12 games. He really is too good for the AHL. As many have mentionned, it's all mental in Weber's case. He was asked to be the go-to guy on the PP last year, a role he was not ready to fullfil. Some may not remember this, but the guy was drafted in 2007, same year as Subban, but for some reason, it's inconceivable that he still has maturing and growing to do. I'm guessing that his stint in Geneva probably helped him boost his confidence though. He has recently assured that he has not requested a trade, saying he's patiently waiting his turn. He sounds hungry, and I think he'll come out strong when he finally gets his chance to shine this season.

My opinion--and many disagree--is that he hasn't been given enough time on defense. He has spent most of his time with the Canadiens as a forward and it's really hard for a defenseman to shine playing 4th line grinder.

I think he can mature into a decent player. Maybe even a good one. If he's not traded in the upcoming weeks, I have faith he'll play his way into a permanent spot in the line-up for the rest of the season, especially with Kaberle being at the end of his rope.

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