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Originally Posted by JBum View Post
Arguing with you is like arguing with a liberal, you make no sense. Craig Patrick is nothing but an advisor, he has no power. JD is over everyone, what he wants is what's going to happen. He knows what he is doing, Howson has proven he doesn't, what you see in him God only knows! I hope he, SH, is successful, I want him to win, I want him to be executive of the year, but it aint happenin!! Nuff' said!
The whole purpose of an advisor is to advise the person who hired him. Since people above Howson hired Craig Patrick, that means that his input would have been taken on any of a number of things.

Consider that, since Patrick was brought on, the following things have happened:
- Firing Scott Arniel
- Re-signing Prospal to a one-year extension with NTC, despite the feeling around the league being that someone would pay at least a 2nd-rounder to get him at the trade deadline
- Trading Antoine Vermette
- Trading Jeff Carter for Johnson and the 1st
- Hiring Brad Larsen as Springfield's head coach
- Trading for Sergei Bobrovsky
- Going through the entire 2012 draft process
- Trading Methot for Foligno
- Signing Aucoin, McElhinney, and Audy-Marchessault in a single day
- And last but clearly not least, going through over six months of the Rick Nash trade saga before he was finally moved

Now then, do you seriously think that if Craig Patrick went to Mike Priest and said, "This guy's screwing up big-time, and I think we need to look elsewhere", that his opinion would have been ignored? If what we've heard is true and that Howson is on an evergreen contract year-to-year, it would be easy to cut ties if Craig Patrick advised as such. I mean, it's not like he himself has 25 years experience as a GM or anything...

So basically, we have what appears to be the tacit (and possibly vocal) approval of Craig Patrick to the powers-that-be. So far, we have the same from John Davidson. I'm fairly certain that both of their opinions matter a hell of a lot more than yours or mine.

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