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01-26-2013, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
It's understandable that a player wants a shorter term with high dollar amount coming off his ELC so he can cash in later with a stronger statistical case. That's why teams tend to want to ink their talented players coming off ELC to longer deals because they can offer security and negotiate from a position of strenght since the player has not proven himself yet.

But Bergevin is doing the opposite, negotiating against himself trying to get PK to sign short term, only to have to inevitably pay the big bucks later. It's really dumb.
That's the head scratched right from the start for me, and that's why I initially didn't believe the rumors that MB wanted a short term deal while PK wanted the long one. It didn't make any sense as you mentioned.
The point of a bridge deal is that you have doubts about skills/progression/development. Attitude is not even a factor because if he truly is this horribly difficult player to coach, but highly skilled, you will always find a taker to give this kid a 2nd chance.
That's why it's a bit scary to me, I have no idea what Bergevin is thinking and nothing of what we hear makes any sense.
He wants short term so he can pay him more later?
His offer has apparently not changed, one bit, since May?
He wants PK to accept to less money than Brandon freaking Prust for his first year?
To make it clear, we're talking about 200K more than Emelin this year, and 700K more than Bouillon. Really Bergevin..? In what world does this make sense?

I seriously hope that all rumors leaked are just wrong, completely. Otherwise, really, I'm scared a bit to have Bergevin.

Also, say PK decides that it's simply won't work and asks to be traded. You have Bergevin now seeking offers for a trade, but he evaluated this kid to be worth 2.2M dollar for this year, and not even 3M for next season. So, if you valuated an asset to be worth this little, how can you then seek out a huge return for him??
I am really not confident in Bergevin's evaluation here (if all we heard is true), so I feel the return would be absolutely horrendous.
My only hope is that Molson blocks any trade talks.

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