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01-26-2013, 04:13 PM
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I have listened to PKs contract situation and this Bridge Contract policy that the Habs seem to want to push on PK.

An example that is always brought up is Price and Pacioretty took the Bridge contract, which is true, however I believe it is fallacy to compare that to PKS present contract situation.

Price was at the lowest point in his career, had just come off a season where Halak took the Habs to the third round of playoffs, hardly in a great position to demand a huge contract commitment.

Pacioretty was very inconsistent during his first 3 years, spending much time with Hamilton during that span. His NHL numbers were (123 games, 49 pts.). Much of those pts came in a small sample size before Chara injured him, (37 games, 24 pts.). So although he was beginning to show promise, was hardly in a position to ask for a huge money deal.

PK came into the league during the 2010 playoffs in a pressure packed environment, played 14 games, had 8 pts and averaged almost 21 mins a game.
Over the past two years has played 160 games, scored 76 pts., and averaged over 24 mins a game last year while also being a respectable +9.

While I will agree that PK still has things to prove, to take this stance that PK must take the 2 year bridge contract, I believe the Habs are potentially making a big mistake. Especially since they gave Max a 6 year 4.5 million per year deal when he isnt even a RFA until this summer and has essentially played one full year as a top 6 player.

The Habs are playing a dangerous game with one of our young star players

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