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Originally Posted by Dream Big View Post
Thanks for the AOL history. I never really used AOL and was not aware of the bandwidth problem etc. AOL made money though didn't it? Isn't that where TL made his original $? This is what he knows.
AOL made money because they were in the right place at the right time. The company got in big trouble for their financial practices, and Ted slipped away with his ill-gotten goods before the shi. hit the fan.

The man is no visionary... right place at the right time.

And here's what's funny, whenever I'm invited to special events, like a dinner & drinks night with Gary Bettman, Ted's staff calls me and asks me to "please don't ask tough questions".

I'm sorry to say I lobbed Bettman 2 softballs that night... asking him to tell us how he got into hockey... etc.

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